Embroidered Crochet


Double crochet (US single crochet) forms a dense, firm base that’s ideal for stitching on using either crochet yarn or stranded cotton. The effect is a beautiful, textured, raised design that combines the delicacy and charm of embroidery with the soft, tactile feel of crochet. This means you can transform crocheted items into stunning, intricate pieces.

Beginning with a basic introduction to the materials, tools and techniques, including stitch instructions for both crochet and embroidery, delve into a collection of 10 pretty projects. Discover an enchanting meadow-themed tapestry, a basket set emblazoned with roses, a granny-square blanket adorned with woodland birds, enchanting mushroom bunting and more.

Each project begins with a crochet pattern, followed by detailed instructions on how to embroider your items. All the projects have a corresponding transfer or chart, meaning you can start embroidering straight away. To transfer, simply cut out the transfer motif and iron it onto your crochet just as you would transfer onto regular fabric.

All the transfers are bound into the back of your book, with a handy pocket on the inside back cover for storing them.

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Enchanting projects to crochet and embroider by Anna Nikipirowicz


Yarn, fabric & thread

Equipment & notions

Basic crochet
Slip knot, Making foundation chains, Double crochet (dc), Adjustable ring, Changing colour, ‘Chainless’ foundation, Crochet abbreviations

How to block your projects

How to use the transfers

Embroidery stitches
How to start and finish your embroidery, Backstitch, Straight stitch, Satin stitch, Cross stitch, Fern stitch, Chain stitch, Stem stitch, French knots, Split stitch, Surface slip stitch, Woven-wheel rose stitch

Finishing your projects
Securing crochet to an embroidery hoop, Backing your designs, Attaching cotton tape, Making pompoms

The Projects
Shopping Bag, Wild Garden Pillow Set, Wildflower Wall Hanging, Vegetable Coasters, Woodland Pennant Garland, Roses Basket Set, Meadow Tapestry, Hoop Wall Art, Mushroom Bunting, Birds & Trees Blanket