Amigurumi Animals


Crochet yourself a world of cute animal friends!

Best-selling author Sarah Abbondio brings you 20 new loveable amigurumi animals, including dogs, crocodiles, bears, pandas, pigs, hippos, penguins and more! Begin by creating a simple body shape, which is used for every project, and then learn to crochet each animal’s unique features, such as horns, ears and tails.

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Part of the All-New Twenty to Make series, this little hardback book is the perfect guide for any beginner. All you need is a crochet hook and a small amount of yarn to bring your own menagerie of adorable animals to life.

Introduction 4

Materials & tools 6

Techniques 8

Basic Body Pattern 10

Basic Eye Pattern 11

Elephant, Koala, Rabbit, Mouse, Rhino, Panda, Hippo, Frog, Bear, Pig, Seal, Giraffe, Crocodile, Puffin, Tiger, Penguin, Chick, Dog, Orangutan, Owl

Acknowledgements 64